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Over the course of the last decade, MGM Resorts has engaged in a sweeping transformation, building a company with a unified vision about who we are and what we do.  MGM Digital Ventures exists to create a breakthrough, out-of-the-box guest experiences and bring that vision to life.


Who we are

Entertainment is in our DNA

Leading brands are competing in the new Industrial Revolution – The Software Economy.  Digital adoption is what sets them apart.

We believe that companies that excel in software-enabled digital transformation outperform their market peers. We are committed to digital – web, social, mobile, big data, analytics, cloud, desktop, and the Internet of Everything. Most importantly, we know that our work can greatly enhance the guest experience. And that, after all, is our mission.


Leading Digital

Business and concept ideation. Product Strategy. Design. Engineering

We craft exceptional business technology solutions and compelling digital transformation strategies to capture target outcomes and deliver real-world results. We believe deeply in challenging traditional thinking, in embracing the digital economy and in anticipating the constantly evolving technology landscape. We set for ourselves the goal of finding simple solutions to complex problems. We are maniacal in our attention to detail when it comes to taking care of strategy, design and development.


An Internal


What we do


Rapid R&D, Prototyping & Proof of concepts

Unlike many others in our space, we do our design in-house. That starts with wire-framing and agile prototyping and we build modular design frameworks that can help us scale with the business.


Software Engineering & Application Development

We are hands-on when it comes to implementing our solutions. Our team contributes to the code that makes great experiences and we keep up with the latest trends, frameworks and methodologies.


Product Design, User experience, User interface

We create user-friendly experiences for digital and physical. We combine intuitive design, hardware and software at the intersection of User Research, User Experience and User Interface to ensure digital products solve human needs and motivations


Software platform & Technology Strategy

Our rigorous product development applies deep understanding of business models, technologies, and market opportunity. We harness complexity and define architectures and positioning strategies for the whole company or department.

MGM Resorts delivers a world that is experimental, innovative and above all else, fun. The Digital Ventures team exists to inject technical know-how combined with creativity into our complex industry. In the end, we build to entertain our guests.


Our Culture

We drive better business results by creating joyful digital experiences.


"I love the energy here. Always keeping our skills sharp and our minds open, is a winning combination that we strongly believe in."
Margo O'Neill - Product Manager, Web
"We are a committed team with the versatile expertise to carry out this vision with cutting edge technology. The energy in the office is incredible."
Dan Weiss - Product Manager, Mobile

We approach everything we do with curious minds and a hunger to solve problems. We believe that much of the future will be defined by code and design. We want a hand in building that future.  We want you to join us.

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Our Skillset


Market Research
Technology Research
User Research
User Acquisition + Retention
Consumer Insights
New Software Architectures
Emerging Operating Systems
Multi-Display Design
Online + Physical Experiences
Interactive Experiences
Location Tracking + Beacons
Digital Signage + Point of Sale
Innovation Frameworks
Impact Mapping
Customer Journey Mapping
Market Research + Trends
Rapid Design + Prototyping
Minimum Viable Products
Customer Development


Desktop + Web Application Development
Mobile App Development (iOS, Android, Windows)
Custom Software Backend Architecture +
API + SDK Development
Cloud Computing Solutions
Internet of Things (IoT)
Big Data + Machine Learning
Analytics + Reporting
Natural Language Processing
Sentiment Analysis
Enterprise Business Software
Business Productivity
Regression Testing
E-Commerce + M-commerce
Server Development
Social Applications
Systems + Legacy Integrations
Middleware Solutions


User-Centered Design
Multi-Platform Interface Design
User Experience Strategy
User Experience (UX) Design
User Interface (UI) Design
Interaction Design
Desktop Design
Web Design
Mobile Design
Native Mobile Design
Responsive Web Design
Persona Development
Data Visualization
Data Feed Design
Wireframe Prototyping
Concept Development
Consumer Insights
Experimental Design
Customer Experience Modeling


Enterprise Architecture
Application Management
IP Development
Technology Strategy + Organization
Implementation Design
Technology Auditing
DevOps Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
Application Development + Maintenance (ADM)
Deployment Strategy
Product Roadmapping
Portfolio Management
Performance Engineering
Business Analysis
IT Business Process
Business + Revenue Model Innovation
QA Planning

We are entrepreneurial, agile and lean, working alongside incredible internal partners to keep us moving at start-up speed. Together, we focus on collaboration, empowering teams and building great software with sustainable and extensible innovation as our goal. MGM Resorts has been a leader in hospitality for decades. The Digital Ventures challenge is to marry that expertise with the digital economy to ensure we retain our leadership position for decades to come.


Moving at start-up speed

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